Frequently asked questions

Do you ship outside of Germany?

We ship to all European countries. To Germany shipping is free. Inside the EU shipping costs are 17 ¤, outside EU 30 ¤. To the Canary Islands shipping is 37 ¤.

How long will it take to get my order?

All orders ship within 1-2 business days. Transmit time depends on the shipping company. To Germany transmit time is 1-2 days, to countries outside the EU up to 1 week.

What shipping service do you use?

Most orders ship by DHL. To some countries we ship via UPS.

What is your return policy?

In case of defect we replace the sunglasses and refund the shipping costs. In case of revocation we additionally refund the price. Please read about your rights of return.

Can I order replacement lenses?

Yes, we carry replacement lenses for some styles. Please email to for information.

Do you sell prescription lenses?

No, however many of our frames will fit a prescription lens. Just take them to your local optometrist to have your prescription lenses edged and installed.

What exactly does hand made mean? Are Tres Noir sunglasses really made by hand?

Yes, most other sunglasses are made through an "injection" process, where liquid material is injected into a mold, and is later cooled to make a sunglass. This process can produce thousands of sunglasses in a short period of time but produces a lower quality, cheaper feeling frame. Tres Noir Optics are never made this way. All Tres Noir Optics are hand crafted from flat sheets of acetate. A craftsman uses a template to hand carve each sunglass one by one. Each frame features a wire core and the strongest, highest quality, acetate plastic available. You can truly feel the difference when you pick up a pair of Tres Noir’s. Acetate sheets also allow us to do limited quantities and unique laminate colors. Our lenses are CR-39 100% UVA UVB protective and are the best European plastic lenses available. Tres Noir’s are never mass produced.

I’m in a band and we love Tres Noir, how do we become a “Tres Noir Band”?

Music is a huge part of our life and our brand, so we love to help bands and promote good music. Please send a press kit to We´ll get in contact with you.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes, every sunglass comes with a 1 year warranty to protect against manufacturer defects. This does not include lens scratches, your friend sitting on them, your dog eating them, theft, or everyday wear and tear. For warranty claims, please ship sunglasses, dated proof of purchase, description of defect, and contact information to the following address Tres Noir Europe Distribution - Warehouse - Office Roman Wolf Pilatuspool 19 20355 Hamburg Germany

How do I keep my Tres Noir sunglasses?

Always put them into the hard case. After use you might clean them with the cleaning cloth. Please keep them away from extreme heat like car dash, clothes dryer, etc. They might change shape. If the shape does change you can re-adjust by taking them to your local optical store or contact for correction advice.


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